Linda Muncy
Equine Specialist, EAGALA certified

Linda has been an avid horse enthusiast for over 30 years. She is trained in Western and English horsemanship, has engaged in gymkhana and barrel racing, although her passion is with hunter/jumpers. Linda competed as a teen and was recruited to train in Germany with an Olympic dressage instructor. For the last 12 years Linda has owned and operated a facility that manages 10-14 horses, provides boarding and riding instruction. Linda has had the privilege of being a support person in counseling sessions with her husband, who is an ordained pastor. Linda continuously educates herself on equine behavior through formal education as well as daily observation of her own herd. Linda was well aware of the healing power of horses and joined Rosemary in becoming certified in the EAGALA model of EAP in 2012 and has been part of a team that provides quality, effective EAP.

Phone: (302) 491-6946
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Providing quality​ equine assisted psychotherapy and learning opportunities

Our mission is to incorporate the healing power of horses to provide quality psychotherapy and personal development opportunities to individuals, families, groups, businesses and corporations.