Jeff Baughman
Prevention Coordinator, CADC, AA, EAGALA certified

I'm Jeff and have been with Courageous Hearts since its beginning. I am currently a Prevention Coordinator as well as having the opportunity of overseeing some key team members.

I am passionate about educating our community on prevention and recovery. I have served in the recovery field over the past 30 years both part time and full time. My experience has focused on early recovery, as a Medical detox Counselor, In-pt. adolescent Rehab Associate as well as a Crisis bed counselor for Adolescents.

My position at Courageous hearts allows me to be out in the community, meet our neighbors and lead those seeking solutions to a better choice for living.

If you see me in the community and I hope you do, please stop me and say hi. I look forward to seeing you.

Phone: (302) 593-1378
Email: [email protected]

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