Alexis White
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Alexis has worked with Courageous Hearts since 2020. She has her Masters degree in Social Work and was recently licensed at the Masters level.

Alexis provides cognitive behavioral therapy and canine-assisted therapy in office, as well as equine-assisted psychotherapy out in the field. She also provides therapy in schools and facilitates group therapy! Alexis works with all age groups and has experience in crisis intervention and residential treatment.

Alexis enjoys animals, especially horses, which is what brought her to Courageous Hearts. Alexis loves incorporating horses as a team member in therapy! Alexis has three dogs and a cat of her own.

Phone: (302) 491-6946
Email: [email protected]

Providing quality​ equine assisted psychotherapy and learning opportunities

Our mission is to incorporate the healing power of horses to provide quality psychotherapy and personal development opportunities to individuals, families, groups, businesses and corporations.