Linda Muncy Equine Specialist., EAGALA certified

Linda has been an avid horse enthusiast for over 30 years. She is trained in Western and English horsemanship, has engaged in gymkhana and barrel racing, although her passion is with hunter/jumpers. Linda competed as a teen and was recruited to train in Germany with an Olympic dressage instructor. For the last 12 years Linda has owned and operated a facility that manages 10-14 horses, provides boarding and riding instruction. Linda has had the privilege of being a support person in counseling sessions with her husband, who is an ordained pastor. Linda continuously educates herself on equine behavior through formal education as well as daily observation of her own herd. Linda was well aware of the healing power of horses and joined Rosemary in becoming certified in the EAGALA model of EAP in 2012 and has been part of a team that provides quality, effective EAP.

Executive Director

Rosemary Baughman LCSW, CADC, EAGALA Advanced certified

Rosemary has over 20 years experience in the field of mental and behavioral health, working with children, youth and adults in a variety of settings including addictions, Veterans administration, Crisis and home based. Rosemary is a certified addictions counselor, certified in Parent Child Interactive Therapy, has training in play, attachment and  trauma focused therapies. Rosemary is a believer in experiential learning and that given opportunities and appropriate support, participants will be able to find the best solutions for themselves. Rosemary became quickly aware of the healing power of horses as she encouraged her daughters equine passion beginning at age 2 and researched effective methods to bring this into her mental health practice. In 2012 she became certified in the EAGALA model of EAP and has been privileged since then to be a part of a professional team that provides this effective, alternative method of healing.

Additional Staff include:

Lindsay Fitzgerald MSW, EAGALA certified  MH

​Julianne Giannone ES, EAGALA certified

Katherine Snyder LCSW, EAGALA certified MH

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​WE recognize and appreciate our interns and volunteer team as well!

​Our beloved team of horses is an integral part of success!

Elena Fierro-Wise, Equine Specialist

Elena is a Delaware native, wife to a retired USAF MSgt, mother of 2 and stepmother to 2. She is a lifelong horsewoman and grew up in the hunter/jumper world on thoroughbreds and other breeds.When her daughter chose western riding, she moved into that world as well. For over 10 years Elena served as a 4H Horse club leader and continues to hold an office on the Delaware State 4H Horse advisory board. For over 20 years Elena worked in corporate banking while managing her small farm. Elena has shown horses, provided lessons, birthday parties and enjoyed being in parades with her horse partners. Her ponies are now enjoying their "retirement" providing EAP with Courageous Hearts. Elena holds onto her passion for pleasure trail riding with her husband on their 2 American Quarter Horses. Elena became certified in the EAGALA model and joined Courageous Hearts in 2015. She continues her education via clinics, webinars and EAGALA trainings.

Our Team of Professionals.

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Jeff Baughman AA, EAGALA certified

Jeff has a passion for people, working with his hands creatively and brings 10 plus years experience in the counseling field, working with children, youth, adults and 5 years of working in the field of addictions. Jeff holds an Associates degree in Behavioral Sciences and is working towards his BA. Jeff became EAGALA certified in 2014. Jeff currently manages the finances for Courageous Hearts,assists with program planning, participates in ongoing trainings and is the guy to go to with any day to day concerns.